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CTSO Leadership Keynote Jake Pfeiffer CEO WA DECA FLC
December 19, 2017

Free CTSO Keynote: New Experiences

Keynote at a CTSO Conference - Setting the Stage A couple months ago I hopped on a plane to Seattle to give a TED style talk to a whole heap of Washington DECA members and teachers. They were attending Fall Leadership Conference,…
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Travel Tips
February 17, 2016

7 Common Oversights When Planning a High School Trip

There’s a lot that goes into planning a trip for a student group. Make it an overnight trip or one that the group has to travel far for, and the difficulty of planning increases by like....well, by a lot. With…
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Travel Tips
October 15, 2015

Top 3 Travel Tips We Can’t Live Without

We spend a lot of time traveling the country and the world. We couldn't do it without these 3 life-saver tips. So pack your bags...because travel is about to get easier, cheaper, and better! TSA Pre-Check Words could never describe…
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Travel Tips
October 5, 2015

EXP Go! Student Trip Planning Made Easy!

In our quest to Make Teachers' Lives Easier, and Students' Trips Better, we've completed development of EXP Go! A Student Trip Planning software that gets rid of emails, spreadsheets, and messy signature applications. We searched for 3 years for a…
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