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October 18, 2017

CTSO Chapter Wars! Game Template for Fun Competition

We know, we know - you want us to be a bigger part of each other's lives!  We couldn’t be more on the same page with this one. Just as we have always wanted to get to know all of…
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CTSO'sStudent Conference
October 9, 2017

#DECAPowerTrip 2017 – Tips & What To Look Forward To!

This year’s #DECAPowerTrip is being held in Philadelphia, PA from November 10 - November 12 and is destined to be awesome, as usual!  If you haven’t already, check out what all the hype is about HERE! We wanted to tell…
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CTSO'sNew YorkTravel Tips
October 3, 2017

6 Awesome Activities for DECA Marketing Trips in NYC!

Who doesn’t love visiting New York City?! - All the lights, the traditions, the cultures, the foods!  The answer to that question is ‘noobaaady’! *insert Brooklyn accent here*  It’s all there for you to enjoy!  That's why DECA marketing trips…
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Hollywood sign California travel
September 27, 2017

5 Lessons of CTSO Leadership from Film Legends

Besides producing an incredible number of suntans, celeb sightings, and fame-seeking dreamers, Hollywood also cranks out some pretty incredible movie characters for us to enjoy on the silver screen that can teach us a lot about CTSO leadership!  Oh, how…
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