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The Coolest Choir Performance Venues In The World

This post was guest-written by Asha Ramakumar, the founder and co-president of FUSE, an inclusive arts organization at Arizona State University.


As someone who can’t sing (but does anyway), I am always in awe of anyone who can actually sing. And what better way to celebrate your amazing talent than to travel the globe with your choir?

Carnegie Hall

coolest choir performance venues carnegie hall

This first one is at the top of every performer’s bucket list: Carnegie Hall in New York City.

This spectacular hall opened in 1891, named after industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Everything from piano concertos to pop music concerts have had their moment on this spectacular stage. Simply standing under the ornate light fixtures could likely give you an excitement-induced heart attack.


Royal Albert Hall

royal albert hall london coolest choir venues in the world

You can tell by the name that Royal Albert Hall in London is nothing shy of regal. From the deep purple lighting to luxurious velvet seats, this hall gave birth to the Royal Albert Hall Choral Society, making it a must-see for any choir fanatic.


Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Let’s switch architectural gears for a minute. The Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall in Japan is definitely worth a visit. This unusual building was built with a “shoebox style with a vaulting pyramidal with the interior completely mantled in oak” to attain the best possible sound. So for any choir looking to sound their best, you know where to go!


Harpa Concert Hall

harpa concert hall coolest choir venues in the world

Dizzying glass patterns, right? Another modern-style, must-see concert hall is the Harpa Concert Hall housed in Reykjavík, Iceland. This building held its first concert in May 2011, making it a contemporary marvel with its signature geometric shaped glass panels of different colors.


Walt Disney Concert Hall

frank gehry walt disney concert hall coolest choir venues in the world

Sunny Los Angeles, California is home to the famous Frank Gehry-Walt Disney Concert Hall. The seating in this architectural marvel is a hybrid between arena-style seating and a classical shoebox design. This hall, opening in 2003, is named an architectural landmark as well. Plus, if you have extra time, you can do some vocal warm-ups or group meditations in the gorgeous rooftop garden!


Beethoven Concert Hall

Across the sea in Bonn, Germany, the birthplace of Ludwig Van Beethoven,  the appropriately named Beethoven Concert Hall sits and waits for performers. This building was developed by Zaha Hadid and is designed to resonate like a wooden instrument. Not to mention, the “crystalline mass” of the building makes it a sight for sore eyes. 


Gävle Concert Hall

gavle concert hall coolest choir venues in the world

Statues of angels across from the Gavle Concert Hall–clearly a heavenly place to perform!

Next to the sparking Gävle River in Sweden is the Gävle Concert Hall that houses jazz musicians and pop singers alike. This concert hall is a little more understated in design, but what it lacks in pizzazz, it makes up for with its spectacular views! Plus, look at these sweet angel statues!


The Civic Opera House

The windy city also has some pretty spectacular performance venues–for one, it’s got The Civic Opera House . This building is unique because of its art deco design, and served as an inspiration for the opera house in Citizen Kane.


What are you waiting for? Get out your passports and your bucket list, because these are some seriously amazing concert halls just waiting to hear your voice.


Which one are you most excited to visit? Let us know in the comments!


Photo credit: Tais Melillo//Lizzie Erwood//Dan (catching up)//fvancini//Johan Hansson//Brian Smithson

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