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#DECAPowerTrip 2017 – Tips & What To Look Forward To!

This year’s #DECAPowerTrip is being held in Philadelphia, PA from November 10 – November 12 and is destined to be awesome, as usual!  If you haven’t already, check out what all the hype is about HERE!

We wanted to tell you about just a few things going on this year at #DECAPowerTrip that we think you’re going to absolutely love, and give you a hint or two about how to make your experience more successful!  

Amazing Keynote Speakers!

This year’s scheduled keynote speakers are two extremely impressive individuals with backgrounds in starting their own businesses and finding great success in their work! Alex Sheen and EJ Carrion are two entrepreneurs who’ve got awesome insights and experiences that they are going to share in their talks, and you will not want to miss it!

Alex started an amazing company called because I said I would that aims to better humanity through helping people to make and keep promises.  Alex and his company have made headlines and been featured by some of the largest reporting outlets in the world, including NPR, CNN, FOX, and many others.  You can connect with Alex now on Twitter @bcisaidiwould.

EJ’s message is all about helping students to reach new heights.  He is a best-selling author and a preeminent thought-leader on student success.  EJ’s organization pairs students up with near-peer advisors to help them to make their high school to college transition more effectively and to learn how to succeed in the real world.  You can Connect with EJ on Twitter now @EJCarrion.

Exciting activities and tips for CTSO DECA students preparing for student trips to #decapowertrip in Philadelphia 2017

Classrooms, Competitions, & Helpful Resources

This conference is chocked full of goodies for you, inside and out of the classrooms.  There will be leadership training, chapter and career labs, competitive events, college success workshops, career & college exhibits, and tons more!  This year’s conference is focussed on teaching and practicing 21st-century skills that are applicable and helpful for students.  Have fun exploring tons of topics in the many classroom opportunities that are offered, competing against other DECA members from around the country, and getting exposure to the dozens of university representatives that will be there excited to meet you and provide you with information!  


If you’re a night owl and you are looking for a fun way to spend your night-time hours while you are at the conference, #DECAAfterDark is the way to go!  Besides initiating creative social media challenges for you and your friends to participate in along the way, there will also be workshops covering special subjects that won’t be available during other parts of the conference!  Some of these workshops in previous years have included Personal Branding and Running for Executive Office.  

Exciting activities and tips for CTSO DECA students preparing for student trips to #decapowertrip in Philadelphia 2017

Work Your Stuff! – Networking (and a few little helpful tips for you to try)

If ever there were an opportunity for you to put yourself out there and meet new people who are interested in the same things that you are, this would be it!  With thousands of DECA students, advisors, sponsors, and university reps in attendance, #DECAPowerTrip is an amazing place to continue building your professional and social network.  

A few things that may help as you are trying to network during the conference are:

  • Be yourself!  These sorts of events allow you to begin new relationships that you hope to grow, so make sure that you are starting off on the right foot and not beginning these interactions by pretending to be someone you’re not.
  • Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself!  Doing all that you can to make yourself positively known to organization leaders and individuals that you may want to work with in the future is a must.  Simply introducing yourself is also an essential prerequisite to earning their respect and confidence.  Not only that, but the more you make yourself know, the more likely you are to get yourself moving in the right direction.  
  • Be specific!  What kinds of things are you interested in doing in school or in a career?  What don’t you know about an organization or company that you would like to?  It is in being specific that you are able to uncover the information that will be most helpful to you and that will indicate to those you are talking to of what interests you have that they may also be considering.  

There are so many great ways to improve your networking skills.  Try some of these out and let us know how it goes!  
Exciting activities and tips for CTSO DECA students preparing for student trips to #decapowertrip in Philadelphia 2017

What to Wear to #DECAPowerTrip

The dress code for #DECAPowerTrip is fairly standard for these sorts of conferences:  

For men: Business suit or sport coat with dress slacks, collared dress shirt and necktie; dress shoes and dress socks.

For women: Business suit or blazer with dress, blouse or dress skirt or dress slacks or business dress; dress shoes.

For the #DECAAfterDark activities, participants are encouraged to wear jeans, athletic shoes, a t-shirt, and whatever else may be appropriate according to weather conditions.  These more relaxed dress standards are also acceptable for the closing session of the conference.  

Attending this conference and experiencing this incredible trip is definitely something we recommend doing for any DECA chapter wanting to explore a beautiful city, learn from some of the best in the business, and meet tons of new people!  If you haven’t booked your trip for next year or if it is the first time that you are considering attending, Give us a call and we’ll help you put together an unforgettable package that will absolutely rock your socks off!  The DECA Power Trip will be held in Baltimore, Maryland in 2018 and Washington, D.C. in 2019.

Whether it’s a trip to #DECAPowerTrip in Philly, or whether you’re wanting to take one of our incredible DECA NYC Marketing trips, EXP Trip packages include activities in each city that will further enrich your chapter’s experience and add a little extra ‘pizazz’  that will most definitely take your trip to the next level!  Check out our last blog post ‘DECA Marketing Trips in NYC!?!? Sign Me Up! – A Breakdown of Some of Our Favorite Activities in the Big Apple’ to learn about some of the amazing things we like to slip into our itineraries!  


Please tell us below in the comments, what are you most excited for this year at #DECAPowerTrip?!

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