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Disney’s 5 Coolest Park Secrets

By January 15, 2015Disney

Whether or not you count yourself among the millions of would be Mouseketeers and Disney fanatics, it’s tough to deny that the place is magical on a number of levels. The level of thought and intrigue that goes into the park, the employees, and the stories that make it all come together, is stunning. We’re diving into five of our favorite Disney secrets!

Scent Emitters

Walt Disney was a master of creating a sensory experience for guests that would transport them to a magical world. A prime example of this is found on Main Street. Ever find yourself eagerly sniffing at the air? A delicately sweet vanilla scent filling the space? It’s not your imagination, it’s Walt at work.

Main Street has scent emitters that pump out a delicious vanilla scent to welcome guests to a sweeter world. During Christmas they switch the scent to peppermint! Talk about attention to detail.

Main Street isn’t alone! The park’s main entrance has a popcorn smell, Pirates of the Caribbean pumps out old, wet wood and sea salt scents, and The Haunted Mansion has its signature dusty and musty smell.

Forced Perspective

Walt always wanted a place that was larger than life, and he wasn’t afraid to get creative to make his dream a reality. Disney uses the idea of “forced perspective” in the parks to make things seem grander than they actually are.

This is most apparent on Main Street where the second story windows and fixtures get progressively smaller, and the buildings lean ever so slightly towards the castle. Forced perspective creates the illusion that the buildings are bigger, the street is longer, and the castle at the end is even more splendid than you had imagined!

Go Away (No-See-Um) Green

Equally as important as creating the magic, is protecting it from the peskiness of reality! Disney has spent decades perfecting the art of masking the less desirable sides of the park, including fences, buildings, and garbage spots. They accomplished this after researching what shade of paint would be the least noticeable, turns out it was Go Away Green!

They paint everything they don’t want you to focus on in this shade of green, to keep the magic alive!

Cats at Night

Speaking of the peskiness of reality, pests are a big part of it. So what’s the happiest place on earth to do? Enlist the help of some furry friends of course! Disney wanted to avoid using too many pesticides and other nauseating chemicals to contain the little buggers, so they decided to release 200 or so feral cats each night to naturally eliminate critters. That way you get to enjoy your magical vacation sans creepy crawlers!

Check out their roster of all-star cats: http://www.babble.com/disney/20-favorite-disney-cats-to-love-and-hate/

Where It All Started

It truly is a wonder that any one person could be the impetus for such a magical world. You may guess that the idea came to Walt Disney on some lavish vacation, at a kooky theme park, or in the shower…but the truth is you don’t have to guess! You can visit the very same park bench where Walt conceived Disneyland. Who knows, maybe you’ll spark your own big dream! The bench is located at the Main Street Opera House in Disneyland.

Mr. Disney was watching his daughters ride the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, and he began to contemplate a place where families could come to experience a bit of magic. The rest is, as they say, history!

What’s your favorite Disney secret or ride?!

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