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Recap: Who Took Home The Gold At The 2017 HOSA NLC?

2017 HOSA NLC winners

In a world of total turmoil, we want to take a minute to post something sweet and celebratory, recognizing the accomplishments of all the hard workers at the HOSA NLC this past year.

Total disclaimer: I was actually in this club for a hot second in high school…until I realized my passion was really for the law. But truly–this club is SO COOL. In fact, one of my friends started the Arizona State University branch of HOSA last year!

This year’s International Leadership Conference was held in sunny Orlando, Florida…I know, sounds more like a vacation than a conference to me, but the competitors definitely didn’t view it this way. They buckled down to win some pretty incredible awards.



Veterinary Science:  Tori Argenti from Alabama


Nursing Assisting:  Courtney Fried from Arizona


Biomedical Laboratory Science:  Elaine Yip from California

Creative Problem Solving:  North Orange County Rop At Oxford Academy from California

Knowledge Test, Medical Law and Ethics:  Anusha Mubin from California

Knowledge Test, Pharmacology:  Alice Wong from California

Health Career Display:  California High School from California

Healthy Lifestyle:  Teresa Perez from California


Prepared Speaking:  Caroline Kelly from Delaware


Interviewing Skills:  Sophine Ginsburg from Florida


Extemporaneous Health Poster:  Karis Wang from Georgia

Sports Medicine:  Ankita Vayalapalli from Georgia


Extemporaneous Writing:  Meldrick Ravida from Hawaii

Public Service Announcement:  Moanalua High School from Hawaii

Health Education:  Moanalua High School from Hawaii


Life Support Skills:  Luke Johnson from Iowa


CPR/ First Aid:  West Shore Esd Cte from Michigan

Epidemiology:  Veena Thamilselvan from Michigan

Job Seeking Skills:  Miranda Henrich from Michigan

Medical Terminology:  Anthony Neubacher from Michigan

Personal Care:  Ashley Sokolowski from Michigan

Physical Therapy:  Saranya Nistala from Michigan


2017 hosa nlc winners



Emergency Medical Technician:  Spring Lake Park High School from Minnesota


CERT Skills:  Lawrence County Tech & Career Center from Mississippi


Forensic Medicine:  Battle Mountain High School from Nevada

Medical Math:  Vincent Pan from Nevada

New Jersey

Biomedical Debate:  Bergen County Academy from New Jersey

Dental Terminology:  Neha Krishnaswamy from New Jersey

Medical Spelling:  Jannat Begum from New Jersey

Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking:  Abhigna Rao from New Jersey

Knowledge Test, Human Growth and Development:  Blisse Kong from New Jersey

North Carolina

Knowledge Test, Transcultural Health Care:  Sylvia Wang from North Carolina


Community Awareness:  Clay High School from Ohio


Medical Assisting:  Chloe Evans from Oklahoma

Speaking Skills:  Halie Parker from Oklahoma

South Carolina

Clinical Specialty:  Brendan Healey from South Carolina


Medical Innovation Advancement:  Hixson High School from Tennessee


Clinical Nursing:  Madeline Ross from Texas

Dental Science:  Rebecca Binny from Texas

Knowledge Test, Nutrition:  Kathleen Ran from Texas

Knowledge Test, Pathophysiology:  Adil Basha from Texas

Home Health Aide:  Mariana Torres from Texas

HOSA Bowl:  South Texas HSHP 7243 from Texas

MRC Partnership:  El Paso CCTE 4015 from Texas

Parliamentary Procedure:  Billy Ryan High School 5517 from Texas


Health Career Photography:  Samantha Aguilar from Utah


Knowledge Test, Behavioral Health:  Vaishnavi Phadnis from Washington

Medical Reading:  Travis Dillon from Washington


Public Health:   Elkhorn Area High School from Wisconsin


Medical Innovation Original:  Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute from Canada


Congratulations, everyone! Want to see the rest of the winners? Click here to see the complete list!

If you know anyone on this list, feel free to give them a shout-out in the comments!



Photo credit: Tessa Rampersad//Brigitte Tohm

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