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Student Dance Trips & Events You’ll Flip Over

By November 22, 2017Performance Trips
Student dance trips for high school performance dance trips in New York, Orlando, California, and Pittsburgh

Dance students practice hard to hone their craft and improve their skills.  Dancing can be so physically demanding, and even still dancers are so dedicated and passionate about what they are doing that it doesn’t seem to phase them.  Passion drives them to want to grow and seek new experiences that will help them to be better!

I was inspired as a child to keep practicing and to grow as a musician by listening to my musical heroes.  I loved learning from the pros!  In the same way, dance students are inspired by opportunities they have to see and learn from professionals, to get out and be inspired by the world around them, and to experiencing new things.  Student performance trips are so priceless because that kind of learning is simply the best!  

Luckily, there’s a lot going on out there in the world of dance all the time.  Some of the coolest experiences out there for dancers happen to be in some of our favorite places!  

There are tons of fun things for high school students to do all across the country that allow them to learn directly from professionals and to get inside looks at the industry.  Here are just a few awesome experiences for high school dance students in some pretty awesome cities that we think would make perfect additions to your student dance trips!  

Student Dance Trips:

Student dance trips for high school performance dance trips in New York, Orlando, California, and Pittsburgh

National High School Dance Festival in Pittsburgh

Every young dance student with a dream to perform on a bigger stage or who hopes to continue their training into college and beyond should know about the National High School Dance Festival in Pittsburgh from February 20 – March 4, 2018!  

This 5-day festival attracts schools from around the country every year to Point Park University, where students have the opportunity to learn from peers and professionals in tons of performances and workshops.  In addition to there being over 100 masterclasses for students to choose from, there will also be 6 adjudicated concerts, exhibitors and college recruiters will be present, there will be a full day of scholarship auditions, and a closing award ceremony.  That’s definitely a filled-to-the-brim kind of dance trip if I’ve ever seen one!

Between the opportunities to learn from some of the best and the chances to be seen by dance school recruiters, the National High School Dance Festival is a great option for any high school dance team.  

Dancing Through Disney World Orlando

Everyone knows that the place to go if you are looking to enter a world of magic and excitement is of course… Disney World!  Not only is Disney World one of the happiest places on earth, it is also a pretty sweet place for student dance trips!  

Orlando is packed with fun things to do for dance students.  Disney in Orlando offers a number of really awesome workshops to help student develop their skills in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and tap!  These classes are taught by Disney dance professionals and cater to a variety of interest within the performing arts, including performance dance, dance for theatre, and even technical theatre skills.  

Similar programs can also be found at Disneyland Resort in California, which look pretty dang sweet too.  You can check out all of these super fun workshops that Disney offers for student dance trips HERE!

Student dance trips for high school performance dance trips in New York, Orlando, California, and Pittsburgh

If you feel like really getting a variety of experiences during your student dance trips to Orlando, Universal Studios Orlando also has some really cool workshops!  Universal Studios has a program called ‘Dance is UNIVERSAL’ that teaches students skills for auditioning, writing a good resume for a performance career, and developing their own choreography.  

Beyond these activities, there are tons of fun things to do in the Sunshine State!  You can read more about some of those HERE.  You can never go wrong with a sun-filled trip to Orlando!  

Shuffle, Scuffle, Dance, & Bustle Through NYC

Dance students and New York City just seem to make for a great combination – maybe it’s the bright lights and the fast-paced city life, or perhaps it’s the inspiring people and the cultures.  Whatever it is, NYC student dance trips are definitely a must!  

When we take dance students to the Big Apple there are a few things we are sure to hit.  These include at least one Broadway show with a cast member meet & greet (of course!), a Broadway dance steps class, a musical theatre workshop with a Broadway actor, the Radio City Stage Door Tour, a tour of the Juilliard School, and more!  

We love the city, and these student dance trips that are seriously jam-packed with goodies take our affinity for the city to the next level!  Whatever you’re student performance trips may be, NYC is definitely going to have everything you could ever want and more!  

Here are a few of our other blogs about the amazing attractions that the Big City has to offer for student performance trips!  

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Student dance trips for high school performance dance trips in New York, Orlando, California, and Pittsburgh

You dance teachers and dance students know your way around a dance floor, and we know our way around a globe!  That makes us a pretty unstoppable team!  When it comes to helping students have some of the most incredible experiences ever, we make it happen!  

If you’d like more information about any one of these activities or about putting together an unforgettable student dance trip for your group, give us a call!  We’ll talk about everything you’d like to include in your trip, customize it to the exact needs and interests of your students, and then we’ll put together a simple quote.  Easy-peazy!  We take all of the hassles and worry out for you.  Simple as that!

Did one of these activities or trips sound AMAZING to you?!  Let us know with a comment!  

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