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Team of Teams Introduction – Kati

By November 27, 2018Travel Tips

Take a moment to think about your favorite superhero. Imagine them saving the day, their majesty and heroism radiating in palpable waves as they pull beleaguered people from a burning building that’s just waiting to collapse at the most dramatic moment. Now, with that image in your head, think about the abilities that your superhero has. Every superhero has incredible gifts that mere mortals could only dream of. When problems arise, adversity rears its ugly head, or the world harshes their vibe, superheroes use their extraordinary powers that allow them to conquer all forms of opposition and bring goodness and justice to the world.

You might be thinking, “Well this is all fine and good, but what does this have to do with anything?” It turns out that there are people in our world who have extraordinary powers that can rival that of the most powerful superheroes of the comics. Kati is one of those people. She is a real-life superhero, possessing an ability that we regular humans could only dream of, whose strength would allow her to study with Professor Xavier at the X-Mansion. It is with this power that she confronts the ups and downs of the day, allowing her to conquer any problem that presents itself, banish any feelings of strife, and instill a sense of wonder, amazement, and awe in all who view her as she strides through the battlefield of life with her head held high.

Kati, at any time, at any place, can make herself fall asleep.



It’s clear that your mind is blown with this realization, dear reader – it is indeed the stuff of legends. But wait, there’s more! As the Director of Operations at EXP, this is but one ability in Kati’s arsenal. She has a stellar memory, and is able to recall facts and details about teachers and schools with rather alarming accuracy. Her charm and good nature always makes sure that every phone call ends positively. To top it all off, she’s a certified pro at Mario, and has lead the team through many dangerous levels filled with Koopas and spike pits.

Kati is one of the most driven people on the planet, and almost everything she does directly contributes to achieving one of her core drives: helping EXP, visiting Peru, or getting Mac and Cheese/Cotton Candy. Both Mac and Cheese and Cotton Candy are not joking matters with Kati. She has famously stated that if she won the lottery, she would reopen the factory where they made the Blue Bunny Cotton Candy ice cream, the only acceptable Cotton Candy ice cream in her book. When she grows up, she wants to be a pilot, a cop, a surgeon, and a lawyer – kind of like catch me if you can, but modern day with real degrees – and rumor has it that this is simply a stepping stone to full domination of the Mac and Cheese industry.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t dream at night, and only dreams when she daydreams with her eyes open, which just does not make sense, Kati is a dreamer and seeker of stories, looking for those most genuine of feelings. The feeling of satisfaction when she watches students, who began the trip apprehensive of a new place, grow to conquer the city with their excitement and determination. The feeling of relaxation as she watches incoming planes from the top of the parking garage at Sky Harbor airport, imagining all the stories the passengers have, and what wondrous places they’re venturing to and from. The feeling of success as she grows a team of
fantastic people who believe in the dream of EXP and occasionally leave fake crickets on each
others’ desks.

Kati is a titan of EXP, a master and commander of everything related to travel, and the glue that holds us together. She is motivated, determined, and relentless in doing good things for people. She’s dedicated her life to EXP (they’re practically married), and she keeps us moving, constantly optimistic, into the glorious future of possibility.

She also has a dream of getting a compound fracture from skydiving into a pool of jello. You know, life goals.






Kati’s Killer and Kooky Keepsakes:

Favorite Movies: “27 Dresses, particularly the benny & the jets scene. Mighty Ducks, all of them.”

Favorite TV Shows: “100% NCIS all the way! Gibbs & DiNozzo are the two people I’d want on the case if I ever go missing. I’m also a pretty big fan of The Office & Friends.”

Favorite Books: “You’re going to hate me… but I actually really love the Twilight series. Also anything by Lurlene McDaniel.”

Hobbies: “Sleep. I’m pretty much a professional at it.”

A Favorite Song: “Beast of America” by Nico Vega –

A YouTube Video for the Masses: “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” –


Relevant Opinions from Cool People:

“Kati is confused about her role in life. She has not succumbed to the notion that she is my servant and I am the master. One would think that she is the cat, not the human. From her frequent cat naps to her extreme aversion to being hugged, it is apparent she is trying to steal my reign and glory. Now, if only I could catch that little red dot I could concentrate on this further….” -Ireland (Kati’s cat)

“Kati hasn’t woken up to an alarm clock in over 20 years. But if her phone rings, or someone even thinks about sending her an email, she is suddenly alert and chipper.” – Emily (Kati’s sister and roommate who does wake up to Kati’s alarms EVERY morning)

“If I told Kati that the only way to make my trip flawless was for her to find the circumference of a triangle and divide it by the square root of a circle, she would find a way to make it happen.” – Every Teacher Who Has Ever Traveled with EXP

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