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Registration Questions

How do I register for EXP options?

EXP’s flight package is included in your standard ICDC registration.

EXP will reach out after state conference, with instructions on how to register for Add-Ons in Orlando.

Who do I pay for EXP Add-On options?

You will pay for the EXP Add-Ons directly through EXP Trips. We will work with you to invoice your school, and handle the payments from there.

What forms of ID are acceptable?

For Traveler’s Under 18 AT TIME OF BOTH FLIGHTS:

Any photo ID with their name will be fine (school ID is A-OK).

For Traveler’s Over 18 AT TIME OF BOTH FLIGHTS:

A government issued photo ID is required (most often a valid Driver’s License). A passport can also be used, if need be.

Where do I upload Traveler IDs? (This page)

  1. Click the red circular messenger button at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Follow the instructions in the message.

What format should IDs be uploaded as?

Most importantly:

  • Fit as many IDs as possible (we only need the front sides) on one standard page (vertical orientation) of blank white paper (or another contrasting background). You should be able to fit around 8 IDs on a page.
  • Take a VERY steady/clear picture of the page (with the IDs laid on top) using a phone with a good camera.
  • Upload via the messenger (red circular button) on this page using the instructions given.


What if my IDs won't fit on one page? (Repeat the process)

Piece of cake! Just click the paperclip icon again to upload additional documents/photos.

Package Questions

What if I have someone in my group with a schedule conflict?

We worked closely with the MO DECA staff to create a schedule that is the most accommodating for the conference activities. That being said, you may encounter a conflict with one or more individuals’ schedules.

In these cases, unfortunately, no refund can be offered. We suggest that you play it safe where necessary, or let your students know that they may end up missing certain activities without refund.

When will a final to-the-minute schedule be released? (April 2nd)

As registrations begin to roll in, we’ll finalize all of the schedules to best suit everyone’s needs. We will send out the final information, with a detailed schedule, no later than April 2nd.

Please keep in mind that all activities are subject to change based on availability and capacity.

Flight Questions

When will flight assignments/info be released? (Approximately April 2nd)

Specific flight information and assignments will be given after state conference (around April 2nd), and will be determined by MO DECA Staff based on availability and logistics.

I have an issue with my flight assignment...

Uh-oh! Sorry you weren’t placed on your first-choice flight/airport. We know that can be very frustrating.

As you can imagine, it’s a big game of Tetris trying to fit everyone nicely into our various flights. Cindy and her staff use their knowledge of districts to try to place chapters in the most sensible and fair manner possible. That being said, it doesn’t always work out perfectly. At that point, MO DECA Staff makes a decision based on their best efforts. That occasionally means a school will have a less than ideal flight. 

If this happens, please reach out to us right away. We will do our best to explain the reasoning behind the assignment given to you by MO DECA , and let you know if there are any alternatives available.

If need be, we will consult with Cindy to see if it’s necessary to switch your group with another. 

Will we receive physical tickets in the mail? How do we check in for the flight?

EXP will have e-tickets for all of the flights. That means no physical tickets to worry about! We’ll also be the ones to check you in online 24 hours prior to departure.

EXP will simply provide you with a confirmation code that you will give at the flight checkin counter on departure day. They will print boarding passes and give them to your group. Forgot the confirmation code? No worries, they’ll still be able to look you up with your name and IDs 🙂

Can individuals within my group have a different departure or return day, one-way ticket, or any other deviation? (No.)

Unfortunately, airline’s group policies don’t allow for any individual deviations from the group itinerary.

Can I pay for my flight with points? (No.)

The group departments of airlines do not allow this unfortunately.

Are baggage fees included? (Depends)

This depends on which airline you are assigned. Please wait for your flight confirmation to be sent, and then check below for your airline’s policy.

For Southwest flights, free! Here’s the specific policy.

For United flights, unfortunately checked bags are not included and will be the responsibility of each traveler. Here’s their specific policy.

For American flights, unfortunately checked bags are not included and will be the responsibility of each traveler. Here’s their specific policy.

For Delta flights, unfortunately checked bags are not included and will be the responsibility of each traveler. Here’s their specific policy.