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Please be sure to look at the Frequently Asked Questions carefully.


Top Downloads for MO FBLA NLC San Antonio 2019!

Click the images below to view/download the Package PDF, Itinerary & Flight Info PDF, and San Antonio Activity Suggestions.

Package Information PDF 

Itinerary + Flight Info PDF

Suggested DIY San Antonio Activities

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View our Frequently Asked Questions below. The answer might be right under your nose!

Registration Questions

Where do I register for EXP options?

You’ll register via this MO FBLA Wufoo form (Remember? WUFOO, WUFOO, WUFOO. This Wufoo form is different/separate form from your standard conference registration form.

Here is the link: https://mofbla.wufoo.com/forms/zt70x5t0f3vt2m/

When does registration for EXP options OPEN and CLOSE?

Registration for EXP options will OPEN on Monday, April 22nd.

Registration for EXP options will CLOSE on Friday, May 3rd.

What additional steps are required from EXP after we complete the Wufoo form?

We’ll reach out to you with any necessary steps based on what EXP options you’ve selected. For the most part, we’ll need an electronic waiver from each traveler, and some information about your passengers.

Who do I pay for EXP options?

You will pay for the EXP options that you select through Missouri FBLA.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be permitted after the April 24th deadline. Substitutions are allowed up to 1 week prior to departure (June 28th) for EXP items (flights, entertainment, etc.).

Missouri FBLA conference registration, substitution, and refund policies may differ, please check with Missouri FBLA staff.

Package Questions

Can I break up the packages?

In order to keep the logistics simple, and trip running smoothly, we are only offering the full package for San Antonio.

What if I have someone in my group with a schedule conflict?

We worked closely with the MO FBLA staff to create a schedule that is the most accommodating for the conference activities. That being said, you may encounter a conflict with one or more individuals schedules.

In these cases, unfortunately, no refund can be offered. We suggest that you play it safe where necessary, or let your students know that they may end up missing certain activities without refund.

What's the plan for Austin?

Please download the Itinerary & Flight Info PDF above for a detailed schedule of the trip.

When will a final to-the-minute schedule be released? (1 month prior to departure)

As registrations begin to roll in, we’ll finalize all of the schedules to best suit everyone’s needs. We will send out the final information, with a detailed schedule, no later than 1 month prior to departure.

Please keep in mind that all activities are subject to change based on availability and capacity.

Flight Questions

What are the flight options? How many seats do you have?

Please download the Itinerary & Flight Info PDF above to see a list of the available flights, and how many seats we have on each.

What if the flights sell out?

We’ll do our best to find additional flights that fit the bill 🙂

Can individuals within my group have a different departure or return day, one-way ticket, or any other deviation? (No.)

Unfortunately, airlines’ group policies don’t allow for any individual deviations from the group itinerary.

Can I pay for my flight with points? (No.)

Airlines’ group desks do not allow this unfortunately.

If I DO NOT purchase an EXP flight, is my ground transportation being handled? (No.)

Ground transportation from AUS to the hotel, and to SAT from the hotel, will only be provided for travelers on a full EXP package including flights.

Can I make name changes and substitutions for the flight? (Up to 1 week prior to departure)

You can make one name change per ticket up to one week prior to departure, in order to give our team enough time to make the changes with the airlines.

Are baggage fees included?

For Southwest: Yep! Here’s the specific policy: https://www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/baggage/ . Free snacks too! Yippee!

Other Airlines: Unfortunately no. Please check your specific airline’s baggage policy online, but for most it’ll be $30 each way for a single checked piece of luggage under 50 lbs.