Student Performance Trips for Band, Choir, and Dance

Frankly, we aren’t the experts on band, choir, or dance. You are.

We are student trip experts, and very good listeners. Which means, we would make a perfect team.

We happily play second fiddle.

This is your performance trip, we’re here to make sure it goes exactly how you envision. Here’s how:

The Freshest Guides

You’re cool. So why stick your kids with a dullard of a guide? Our TripHosts aren’t stuffy  like the other folks’. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your students’ performance trip experience.

More Flexibility

We are notoriously flexible on our trips. Want/need to switch something up? If there’s a way, we’ll make it happen. Our adaptability is a big deal for the “on-your-toes” world of student performance trips.

Unbeatable Programs

We pack our band, choir, and dance itineraries with the very best performance opportunities and interactive experiences. We’re talking stuff that will leave your kids, and their audiences, blown away.

Your Personal Assistant!

We are unreasonably committed to making whatever you need happen for your performance to be perfect. We’re equally enthusiastic about adding bits of awesomeness to your personal experience.

Testimonials like this don’t just happen

We work our butts off to earn this kind of feedback. Your experience means everything to us.

EXP Trips is the only way to go! Jake handled everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, for our trip to Knotts Berry Farm. From the bagels when we arrived, to hauling equipment for our performances, to staying until everyone else was gone when we arrived back home, Jake's team was there. They did it all with professionalism, patience, kindness and fun.

Susan Kujawski, Choir Director

Their extra touches, like a private room for our breakfast, were so appreciated by all. The price for the trip was so reasonable no one believed me when I told them what we paid for our total package. "How can anyone do it all for that price?" was the question I heard. If your band or choir is traveling near or far to perform, you need to contact EXP Trips. Jake and his team will make your life so much easier!

Susan Kujawski, Choir Director

You handled every detail that I hate doing and it really freed me up to work on our performance. I especially appreciated your willingness to work with us on price to get just what we wanted. Even when the little bumps in the road came along you never got flustered, you just HANDLED IT! I really appreciate the joyful and friendly attitude throughout the experience. Your professionalism and patience were remarkable. The children really loved having you along and you all became a part of our family so quickly.

Susan Kujawski, Choir Director

What a spectacular experience - from planning to execution. EXP Trips are professional, friendly, and know there stuff! The trip would not have been the level of success it was without them. Recommend to all planning a school trip and can't wait for our next one with EXP Trips!

Anonymous Theatre Director

Festivals, Competitions, and Performances…Oh My!

We’ll curate your perfect band, choir, or dance trip experience. Chock-full o’ big moments & memories.


There are few things that can rival the buzz of a performance festival. This is your students’ chance to showcase their skills and meet other performers from around the country. EXP will build a next-level trip experience around the festival activities, to make sure you get the most out of your trip to the destination.

That's My Jam!


Nothing compares to the feeling your student performers get when they work hard and end up on top. At the end of the day, it’s all about mastery and artistry…but it’s also nice to be recognized as one of the best. EXP will handle everything trip/travel related, so that you can focus on beating the competition hand-over-foot.

That's My Jam!

Performance Trips

Festivals and competitions are great, but sometimes it’s nice to take a deep breath, relax as a group/family, and do something awesome for the fun of it. Want to have your group record a Disney film soundtrack together? Perform at Lincoln Center? Let’s do it. The possibilities are truly endless.

That's My Jam!

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