Work Based Learning Trips

Student trips for high school programs focused on career and college readiness.

Save More. Miss Less. Learn Lots.

QuickTrips let you bring your curriculum to life through travel, without a red-tape Battle Royale.

Under $1,000

Think traveling with your students is too expensive? QuickTrips are even more bang for your buck. We trim extras, condense, and get right down to the business of giving your kids an amazing co-curricular experience.

Only One Day Off

Classroom instruction days are more important than ever, which is why we made these hyper-speed trips! We condense the itinerary so you and your students only miss a single day of classroom instruction.

Work Based Learning

Get career and college ready! Featuring a laser focus on co-curricular activities that highlight career pathways. Get ready for the most interactive industry and education tours around!

Visit the mecca of your subject.

And, trust us, there’s a reason it’s the epicenter of the industry.

Where to? The world is your oyster (classroom).

We’ll leave your kids feeling like industry insiders.

New York – Finance

The capitol of capital. Could there be a better place to bring a finance curriculum to life? Watch your student’s eyes and minds burst open with new trading strategies and plans to take over the world (in an ethical way, naturally).

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Austin – Agriculture

You’d be hard pressed to find a place that combines green acres and skyscrapers the way that Austin, Texas does. Get your hands dirty (and your plate full) during this hands-on crash course in the agriculture industry.

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Detroit – Manufacturing

Detroit is the stuff of legend in the manufacturing world. Learn firsthand how industrialization, exportation, and a recession have painted the tale of one of America’s toughest cities. Punch that time clock, because a hard day’s work is about to begin.

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Silicon Valley – Tech

Microchips, terabytes, and MVPs, oh my! Journey to the garages where it all began, and the campuses where it all happens. From clean rooms to VC boardrooms, you’ll get a taste of the industry that’ll have you pivoting straight into a tech career.

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